Organic tick control

Tick spraying services in Harwich, Chatham, Brewster, and Dennis. Our organic tick spray won't harm people or pets, but it will destroy all varieties of ticks.

Deer tick prevention

Prevent Lyme Disease by protect your yard from deer ticks all season long with our tick spraying service.

Mosquito and insect control

Tired of getting bitten in your yard? Our insect control spray also protects your yard from mosquitos and other biting insects.

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Our service area for spraying ticks on Cape Cod includes Harwich, Chatham, Brewster, and Dennis, Massachusetts

  • Tick Prevention: 1 treatment
  • $175
  • Will prevent all varieties of ticks and many other biting insects
  • Organic tick prevention spray is safe for kids and pets
  • Each application will last for 30 days
  • Price includes enough spray to cover 1/2 acre. Each additional 1/2 acre will cost $50 more
  • Tick Prevention: 6 treatments
  • $900
  • Year long protection - perfect for local residents
  • 6 monthly applications included
  • Price includes yards up to 1/2 acre - larger properties require more spray
  • Discounts available for neighborhoods and condo associations

About Mason Tree Service

Morgan Mason has over 20 years experience serving Cape Cod. We spray for ticks, gypsy moths, mosquitos, and other insects. We guarantee you'll receive prompt, reliable service for all spraying and tree services. Free estimates - fully insured.

We can help you enjoy your yard worry-free. Our convenient spraying packages will keep you protected all year long.

Here's what our customers say about working with us:


Organic Tick Prevention protects your yard all summer long

Jason in Harwich Port, MA

"My dog hasn't gotten bitten by a tick in my yard in two years since we started spraying for ticks with Mason Tree Service."

Dave in Chatham, MA:

"Last year the our yard was overrun by ticks. This year we can go outside without worry all summer long!"

Prevent Lyme Disease by spraying for deer ticks

Nancy in Brewster, MA

"Since we signed up for the monthly tick and mosquito spraying services we no longer have to worry about the kids getting bites or lyme disease, it's great."

View our work

Check out some pictures of our insect spraying:

  • Yard clearing, cleanup, grading, & landscaping services will transform overgrown areas of your yard
    Tick Spraying in Cape Cod
  • Yard clearing, cleanup, grading, & landscaping services will transform overgrown areas of your yard
    Tick control in Harwich Port
  • Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Spraying in Cape Cod
    Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Spraying
  • Yard clearing, cleanup, grading, & landscaping services will transform overgrown areas of your yard
    Yard clearing, cleanup, & landscaping
  • Morgan Mason safely removes a tree limb by climbing the tree to avoid damaging the property below
    Removing an overhanging limb
  • Morgan Mason climbs and cuts a tree
    Morgan finishing up the job
  • Our bucket truck allows us to safely remove big trees that other cape cod tree companies cannot
    Our 65-foot bucket truck
  • Stump grinding included for all tree work. Stump excavation is available for large trees
    Stump grinding and removal

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